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About Theodore International School

TIS teachers day

TIS Philosophy


Theodore International School (TIS) upholds that:

1. Education nurtures the development of the whole person – spiritual, intellectual, physical, social and emotional.


2. Education is the collaboration of the school, family, church, and community to prepare individual to become a good citizen of this world and the world to come.

TIS Vision


TIS vision is to become a globally recognized international learning institution providing the highest quality of education, inspiring and challenging young minds to reflect God's love in their character, become independent lifelong learners, and achieve their fullest potential to honor God and to serve the community with respect and understanding of cultural differences.

TIS Mission


Theodore International School is committed to:

  • Know and develop a loving relationship with His creator that through service may reflect His love to others.

  • Inspire a passion for learning, achieving fullest potentials by providing the most effective learning experiences.

  • Provide the highest quality of education delivered by our professional, spiritual and caring teachers who are committed for continuous professional development.

  • Create a multicultural environment that respects and understands that each brings a different set of beliefs, customs, traditions, values and experiences which promotes unity in diversity.

  • Contribute a valuable service by involving to community services locally and globally.

  • Collaborate with parents about their child and providing family and parenting skills programs necessary for the success of each individual child.

  • Lead with a heart of a servant leader.

  • Provide a safe, secured and natural environment with the promotion of its conservation. 

Expected School-wide Learning Results
Busy TIS kids

Theodore International School nurtures the whole child's potential so that they can become:

  • Academically Excellent Students

  • Effective and Mindful Communicators

  • Creative and Critical Thinkers

  • Passionate Independent Learners

  • Respectful and Responsible Global Citizens

  • Empathetic and Caring Persons

  • Balanced Human Beings

Our Campus and Facilities
TIS Swimming pool

Our Campus

Surrounded by lush of green scenic mountains and palm plantations, Theodore International School is located in Takded district, a convenient and accessible area, only 6 km away from the town and 1 km away from the national highway. It also has proximity with the main shopping malls, such as Tesco Lotus, Big C, Makro and Homepro. Our campus is about 15 km away from the two most attractive beaches of the province, which are Thung Walaen Beach and Hat Sairee Beach.

The richness of our province gives us myriads of opportunities for field trips, adventure camps and other fun activities. 


Our Facilities

Theodore International School’s modern facilities and equipment include:

  • an iconic swimming pool

  • a tennis club

  • an outdoor playground

  • an indoor playground

  • a safe and secured campus

Our History
TIS logo

Theodore International School is the fulfillment of three dreams waiting for an opportunity to come true.

Theodore International School was born six years ago in a mother’s heart, from the need of a clean,safe with a high quality standard school in Chumphon. When her first child had to go to a private school in Suratthani, she felt that the family was apart and she thought about building her own school with an international standard in Chumphon.

She wants to see a good community instead of the declining society that threats her children future.  She strongly believes that Christian education can restore human beings into the image of Jesus.  From this belief, she can create a school that will give a positive impact and contribution to the community.

Four years later, she met another mother who had the passion of instilling the seed of God’s love by teaching Sabbath school to Chumphon children with the desire to make a difference in the child's life, family and community.

The third mother was nourishing a dream of creating a new school for young children in Chumphon, based on respect of the child’s needs, readiness, and happiness; principles that she found in the Montessori method.

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